Tony Decko – Resume – Special Skills for a Construction Position

30 years experience in residential construction mixed with commercial construction of restaurants, stores, and a 400' x 100' steel building

Ability to take ownership and responsibility of job duties

Knowledge of local building codes and ability to stand for all inspections

Comfortable working with City, Public Utility and Building Department officials

Proficient in foundations, layout, framing and high-end finish carpentry, plumbing, electrical, drywall, texture, painting, flooring, tile, hanging doors, windows, cabinetry, crown molding, stairs, roofing

Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills

Ability to understand blueprints and ability to draw/submit small non-engineered changes

Able to think ahead to the next day, week and beyond in order to have the necessary materials, tools and labor on-site

Excellent time management, first to arrive and last to leave jobsite

Professional, friendly, customer-oriented and sincere demeanor

Self-motivated with a positive attitude and very strong work ethic

Exceptional problem solving skills with the ability to anticipate, adapt and overcome challenges

Exceptional communication skills with the ability to provide clear directions to staff, subcontractors, vendors and to communicate with all clients in a professional manner

Able to create and adhere to a project schedule (on time and on or under budget)

Clean, neat appearance with appropriate work clothes and shoes

Able to lift 1-200 pounds and unlimited using mechanical/electrical

Duties may include but not limited to:

Scheduling and supervising entire projects from start until turn-key completion

Manage all change orders while maintaining daily logs, sends pictures/emails via internet

Coordinate schedules with the Project Coordinator and all subcontractors/vendors

Supervise jobsite safety, hold safety meetings, maintain an orderly and clean jobsite

Prepare all material takeoffs

Manage material orders, check all deliveries for any discrepancies

Obtain permit packages, obtain final inspection clearance (occupancy)

Computer literate; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photo-editing, Flash Programming

Smart Phone with up-to-the-minute email responses

Modern truck with rack, traveling anywhere

Good Listener, Good Orchestrator

Tony Decko



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