Constructioneer Tony - California

Construction-Raised Handyman and Contractor

Tiny repairs to multi-million dollar projects.

Building your dream. Repairing your nightmare.

Privately reserved and very thankful.

Contractor #804421 since 2002. Handyman since 1983.

Traveling anywhere for a great project.


Children are real. Not full of clutter.

Computers are nil until filled by another.

Brand new day to go out and play...

Keeping it real without dismay.


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Hired to build, repair or manage while all matters are private forever.

Pardon I do not offer free bids nor funding for your projects. Thank you.






Look upon animals for guidance of truth and accept we are different.

Let us assemble to create with little debate aware a predator wants

what we will make. To battle over race, religion, opinion or being

skinny, fat, tall, short, dumb, smart, better, worse or just plain weird

is clearly our animal instincts in action. Accept it then turn that switch

off so we may enjoy the many wonders we continually solve together.

Tony Decko