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Imagine waking daily to play. Working to progress while enjoying the day.

Accepting harsh truths and seeking to help. One not to dilute or bother with Yelp.

Stuck in my world with no want to complain. Wanting to help or else go insane.

Racial, sexual and religious discrimination is caused by our own heredity determination.

Creatures of habit with animal behavior. Features of "have that" along with a Savior.

Covid-19 sure does suck! Lives, jobs out of luck! Everyone saying what the f%#$..?

One grand way is give it away. I'd give my possesions to help our lessons.

Imagine how quickly we save our sickly by helping another just like a brother.

Just like a sister okay there Mr.

All not relinquishing to our greater good fall out diminishing as they so should.

Many of the "haves" join the "have not's". Majority rules for all of the lots.

Democracy also means that we compete. Hypocrisy now has me with defeat.

Battle amongst yourselves as I reflect upon a riot.

Cattle of course are known to not be quiet.

Together people win and apart they lose.

Whatever people sin and I'll just cruise.


Homelessness is over. Come live with me.

Town named, "Fun" on private property.

Everyone is helping and we finally are united.

California contractor soon to be excited!


A town named Fun is my dream to build

Before at the helm to see our yield

Can you imagine the peace or thundering boom

Deprived of theft or impending doom

Everybody is different yet we share certain traits

Favoring our principles let us walk without rates

Google can help but they are too big

How-to is us all under one lid

I had an idea to build a town named Fun

Joking long ago for a place to run

Keeping private property for many to play

Leaving cheating soap opry's mostly away

Master of nobody nor better than you

Napster got everybody and it sure grew

Over the counter means cash is exchanged

Playing in our town seems money has changed

Quite correct you are not chasing money so far

................intermission......to ponder.......

Real trading of our abilities or doing crazy old stunts

Sitting outside with maybe hillbilly grunts


Time to change once again my newfound friend


Under the clouds we make I certainly do wake


Very concerned now we don't have to stress

Wish I had learned how to be in Congress

X that notion as I want only one rule

You and I are human. That is really cool.

Z end



Look upon animals for guidance of truth and accept we are different.

Let us assemble to create with little debate aware a predator wants

to take what we will make. To battle over race, religion, opinion or being

skinny, fat, tall, short, dumb, smart, better, worse or just plain weird

is clearly our animal instincts in action. Accept it then turn that switch

off so we may enjoy the many wonders we continually solve together.

Tony Decko


Updated: 2/6/23

ps: Children are real. Not full of clutter.

Computers are nil until filled by another.

Brand new day to go out and play...

Keeping it real without dismay.