Hello. My name is Tony and at the moment I am in my prime to build fun for many. I am very thankful for a lifetime of learning while retaining memories and know now is the time to broadcast…

As a California general contractor of many years for private mansion owners while building homes or restaurants for corporate folks, I always come home to enjoy a lounge for variety music atmosphere with a mix of big screen entertainment.

I want to build a place of fun and music times ten. As a multi-screen movie theater, our lounges will be each owner’s own design of musical and stage entertainment all joined in the middle for a real-life social environment. …

I want to rebuild Mother Nature damaged communities with the communities. …

I want to build a roof between two mountains so we may enjoy the acoustics of music and shelter.

Proven construction guru seeks private money guru to have some fun.

Thank you.


Tony Decko




A town named Fun is my dream to build

Before at the helm to see our yield

Can you imagine the peace or thundering boom

Deprived of theft or impending doom

Everybody is different yet we share certain traits

Favoring our principles let us walk without rates

Google can help but they are too big

How-to is us all under one lid

I had an idea to build a town named Fun

Joking long ago for a place to run

Keeping private property for many to play

Leaving cheating soap opry's mostly away

Master of nobody nor better than you

Napster got everybody and it sure grew

Over the counter means cash is exchanged

Playing in our town seems money has changed

Quite correct you are not chasing money so far

................intermission......to ponder.......

Real trading of our abilities or doing crazy old stunts

Sitting outside with maybe hillbilly grunts


Time to change once again my newfound friend


Under the clouds we make only some will wake


Very concerned now we don't have to stress

Wish I had learned how to be in Congress

X that notion as I want only one rule

You and I are human. That is really cool.

Z end

Everybody wants a place to have fun and I would like to provide such a place. Small or BIG, it is what I need to do to continue my lifetime of gaining knowledge within the construction field.

Typical remodels, additions, new construction of a few homes and restaurant remodels have become a tad boring. Thankful constantly, I want to use my skills for a greater purpose: Providing fun.